The security of our user data and personal information is our top priority. If you have discovered any security vulnerability in our website and services provided, please disclose it to us in a responsible manner, following the guide in this Policy. We would appreciate your cooperation with that matter. FIFHOST will not take legal action against you, or suspend your services if you have responsibly disclosed vulnerabilities with our website and services provided. We commit to fix the reported vulnerabilities in the timeliest manner possible.

Vulnerability Report Guide

1. Report any vulnerabilities found, sending us an email to with as much details as possible about the nature of the vulnerabilities found in our website and services provided.

2. If you are a FIFHOST user, please also include information about your account with us, such as username.

3. Please state would you like us to add your name to our HONOUR LIST or prefer to keep it confidential.

4. Responsible Disclosure Policy Rules

1. Please, do not share information about the vulnerabilities found in our website and services provided with third parties.

2. Please only conduct test on or through accounts owned by you and do not try to gain access to another user’s account.

3. Any actions that violate FOFHOST Acceptable Use Policy are not permitted.

If you discover a valid vulnerability and report it in accordance with our Responsible Disclosure Policy to help us improve our services we will add your name to our HONOUR LIST. If you wish to keep your name confidential, please state it in your original email report.

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